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Recent Writings

While I haven’t been blogging or Facebooking as much over the last 2 months, I’ve still been writing and contributing to a few other places. Check out my most recent articles for Juggernaut Training Systems and T-Nation.

The Happiness of Pursuit

2013 Farmers

Lessons from Football


Live Free

Live with your heart and mind open. Say yes to new people, new adventures, new thoughts. Take the voice of doubt and reason and just brush it off to the side for a little bit. Have faith that your life WILL work out how you want it, so lean in the direction of your dreams but let the world take the reigns for now… relinquish some of that control that is so much a part of how you and I have lived up to this point. Wake up every morning with fear of the unknown in the pit of your stomach, for fear and adventure reside in the exact same place…


Coach B

January 10th


Until We Meet Again…


Big changes are in store for 2014… see what’s up in this article!

7+ Tips for 7+ Years

Pigskin Prep is Here

Youth football is about as American as apple pie.  Baseball may be our country’s pastime, but football is our country’s passion.

While injuries have always been a part of the game, they have taken on a more intense focus in the last few years.  Things have gotten so serious that the enrollment numbers for the sport at the youth level are beginning to decline.

Instead of complaining about the state of football, myself and one of my co-workers decided to take action.  We created a detailed and in-depth training program targeted specifically to parents and coaches of youth football athletes.  Instead of just throwing up your arms and saying “it’s just too risky”, we wanted to let you know that there is another option: Preparation.

To learn more about the Pigskin Prep Youth Football Training Program,
click here!

Youth Football Gang Tackle


Coach B

December 11th




Don’t Wait!!

Today is Monday, December 2nd, 2013…

There’s nothing magical about that.

Just as there will be nothing magical about Wednesday, January 1st, 2014.

Don’t fall into the “New Years Resolution” Trap. The only thing guaranteed to you is this moment, and hopefully this day. Don’t throw that away, waiting until “next year.” Attack your goals NOW!!!


Coach B

December 2nd