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Trainers & Coaches

EC-Pull“Ryan Burgess has quickly emerged as one of the next stars in the field of strength and conditioning. His passion for continuing education is unyielding, and his ability to relate complex concepts to his athletes and clients in an understandable fashion is excellent. This passion and expertise, combined with his past experience as an athlete, make it very easy for me to offer him my highest endorsement.”
Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS
Cressey Performance

“I have now known Ryan for the last 8 years, first as one of my athletes at a Division I university, and now as a peer in the field of strength and conditioning. Similar traits in both aspects of his life have led to the success he is now showing in the coaching world. The ability to attack everything he does with passion, desire, and commitment will only led to greater things in the future. I value not only his cutting edge approach our field, but also his friendship and compassion as a person.”
Michael Silbernagel
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
University of Mary
Bismark, ND

Chad-Smith-Squatting“In the last few years that I have gotten to know Coach Burgess I am continually impressed by his passion for strength and conditioning and his insatiable thirst for knowledge in the field. Not only has Ryan produced great results with athletes from all levels, he is also a successful competitive athlete in his own right. His own competitive spirit allows him to relate to his clients on a unique level and understand how to best motivate them.”
Chad Wesley Smith
Strength Athlete and Physical Preparation Coach
Juggernaut Training Systems

“Coach Burgess is one of the best up and coming coaches in the industry. His attention to details, emphasis on results, and impact on the lives of the athletes he trains is commendable. He is completely dedicated to becoming the best fitness professional he can be and already has many solid years in the industry making him a coach and trainer that has earned the right to educate others in the field.”
Vincent Gabriele MS, CSCS, IYCA
Founder and Owner
Gabriele Fitness & Performance

“Coach Burgess’ ability to develop the physical capabilities of high-level professional athletes is highly regarded in the competitive Southern California market. Ryan is an experienced, dedicated trainer; a true Pete Cicconespecialist in his discipline. His skill and technique in optimizing the power and agility in the athletes he coaches is impressive. I’ve witnessed first-hand the results of his professional and skillful behavior, as I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Ryan with several of his clients. Most recently this included 9-year NFL Veteran Travis Laboy, who has been coached by many top trainers in the NFL and around the country and holds Ryan in high esteem, speaking very highly of their work together. His results and success stories with his athletes speak clearly to this end, and I can easily recommend Coach Burgess as a strength professional to hard-working athletes looking to improve their game and take their athletic performance to the next level.”
Pete Ciccone RN, BSN, CSCS
Physique Specialist, Performance Nutrition Specialist
Founder and CEO
619 MUSCLE, Inc

Pete Ciccone is a strength athlete, a nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder and a passionate coach with over 25 years of experience in the art and science of physical transformation

“In my opinion, what Coach Burgess does better than any other strength coach in the private sector is decipher the needs of each individual athlete based on communicating with them as well as their parents, other coaches, etc., and then take this information and create sound and effective training protocols. A good athlete in his own right, I have personally witnessed him take his experiences and connect with athletes from all ages, including children, high school, collegiate, and NFL players. He knows first hand how to handle all types of athletes, and more importantly, he knows how to prepare them for that “next level.” If I had to recommend someone for my own athletes to train with on their college breaks, I would have zero hesitation to send them to Coach Burgess!”
David Feeley M.Ed., CSCS, SCCC, USAW
Director of Strength and Conditioning-Football
Ball State University
Muncie, IN

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Coach Burgess over the last 3 years and am proud to call him a friend as well as a colleague. What absolutely caught my attention about him was his dedication to continuing education; he’s always reading and staying on top of any and all current information. Furthermore Ryan has a unique ability to command respect in a group training environment while also being able to relate on a personal level with each individual athlete. His work with pre and post NFL combine athletes has been extraordinary and I think each would attest that they received the best possible training while with Coach Burgess. I, along with many other coaches, would have no hesitation sending any of my athletes to him.”
Rudy Thomas
Director of Athletic Performance
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA

“Coach Burgess was a great help to us as we looked for ways to improve our off-season and in-season strength program. He was able to work with us on our level and was very responsive to our needs. He understands the dynamics that high school football coaches deal with. In addition to injury prevention, we went to him with 3 areas of focus; mobility, strength, and toughness. Coach Burgess’ knowlegde and experience was a great help. We were able to improve our programming without having to undergo a major overhaul of what we were currently doing.”
Pete McAdams
Head Football Coach
Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH)
Stevens Point, WI

“This spring (2013) we were lucky to have Coach Burgess help Stevens Point Area Senior High (Wisconsin) with our strength and conditioning programs, and I want to thank him for the passion and enthusiasm he put into helping us out. There is no doubt Ryan knows his information, and he gave us many ways to take all of his knowledge and create a program that will truly benefit our students and athletes. Coach Burgess is an outstanding person that cares and will be able to help create a program that produces; we are truly grateful for his help.”
DuWayne Behnke
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Steven Point Area Senior High (SPASH)
Stevens Point, WI

“I have had the pleasure of observing Coach Burgess work with many different athletes of different ages and abilities. He is true professional and an expert in his field.”
Sergio Diaz
Offensive Coordinator
Westhills High School
Head Football Coach
Scripps Ranch High School 2002-2009
San Diego, CA

“Coach Burgess is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of what makes up a top level football speed and strength program. He has helped me develop and implement practical research-backed training methods at my last two high schools, and he has answered every question along the way while developing the program at my newest school. Coach Burgess has the unique ability to craft a program that covers the needs of both the line of scrimmage athletes as well as the skill players on the perimeter. The results have been impressive across the board: on field performance continues to improve, while injuries have been very slight and continue to decrease.”
Jerry Ralph
Head Football Coach
Hoover High School
San Diego, CA

“It is an honor to inform others about the impact Coach Burgess has had on my health and career over the last 2 years. As a Head Football Coach, it is my job to prepare my athletes both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, like many coaches I ignored my own health as I poured time into my team. Coach Burgess’ advice, training and one-on-one talks have been major factors in helping me lose over 70 pounds in my quest to lead a healthy post-playing life. In addition, his knowledge of working with collegiate and NFL athletes has been very beneficial to my team as I work to develop their athletic potential. Coach Burgess has not only helped me do a better job preparing my team, he has helped to improve my over-all outlook on my life. I am forever grateful and consider him a friend and mentor.”
Jason Texler
Head Football Coach
Escondido High School
Escondido, CA

“As Ryan’s former High School Line Coach and O.C., I can say with all honesty that I knew Ryan was destined to become a great and successful Coach. His passion, desire, and attention to detail were evident very early on. Ryan’s work ethic and desire to learn and succeed were second to none. His hard work and determination paid off as he made the team at Division-1 Colorado State as a walk-on. Coach Burgess has always gotten the best out of himself and others who have the privilege to work with him.”
Mike Lambusta
Assistant Principal
Ocean Township High School
Oakhurst, NJ

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